florida fish & Wildlife commission RULE 68-5.001

Creates procedure to allow deviation from conditional and prohibited species enclosure and material standards

ADOPTED May 4, 2022 - Effective Jun 27, 2022

ARKANSAS GAME AND FISH Rule change proposals

 May 18-19, 2022 -

#03.02 Fishing license - Allows possessing Aquatic Turtle Harvester Permit to purchase tags for commercial tackle

#26.13 Certain Exotic Species Prohibited - Adds white & yellow perch to prohibited list

#26.14 Transportation Of Zebra Mussels Prohibited - Repeals duplicate section

#26.30 Possession of Certain Live Carp Prohibited - moves the resident fish farmers, state and federal culture, and research/educational/public aquaria found elsewhere to this code

#30.01Resident Commercial Fishing - Allows possessing Aquatic Turtle Harvester Permit to purchase tags for commercial tackle

#34.01 Aquatic Turtle Permit Requirements - various changes

#34.02 Aquatic Turtle Permit Qualifications - combines farmer/dealer; removes expired 150 permit limit; removes requirement to follow 34.07

#34.03 Nonresident Aquatic Turtle Dealers - prohibits nonresident dealers; keeps the exemption listed

#34.04 Commercial Aquatic Turtle Harvest - Moves Arkansas River exceptions to subsection; removes dealers from Private Land Commercial Aquatic Turtle Permit

#34.07 Aquatic Turtle Transaction - Removes junior aquatic turtle harvest and aquatic turtle dealer; reporting now on 15th of month even when no transactions

#34.08 Possession Of Fish By Aquatic Turtle Harvesters - bans taking all fish from waters where engaging in turtle trapping; rough fish in traps limited to waters where caught

#34.12 Take/possess aquatic turtles for personal consumption - NEW Allows with Sportfishing License  using recreational tackle AND possessing up to 6 combined live/dressed common snapping and spiny softshell turtles

#35.09 Conditional And Unlisted Aquaculture Species - Removes Aquatic Turtle Dealer Permit

#39.00 Crayfish - NEW Adds requirements

#D1.01 Licenses, permits - removes Junior Aquatic Turtle Harvest Permit and Non-Resident Aquatic Turtle Dealer Permit

#J1.01 Approved Commercial Aquaculture Species - Adds yellow perch and marbled crayfish to prohibited species

#J1.02 Approved Aquatic Turtles And Alligators - Adds the combined Commercial Aquatic Turtle Farmer/Dealer Permit

#J1.03 Approved Stocking Private Lakes And Ponds - Adds yellow perch and marbled crayfish to prohibited

#01.00C Definitions - adds mountain lions to large carnivores

#09.01 Possessing captive wildlife - Moves various exemptions to the sections they are meant for (AZA, field trial, migratory birds, R1.01, terrestrial invertebrates)

#09.02 Possessing non-native wildlife - adds exemption from 09.01 and lists out subsections under A - certain entities only exempt from A

#09.03 Release wildlife - ratites not escaped if not in building or covered pen; mallards no longer under Game Bird Shooting Resort Permit; Replaces with Shoot-To-Kill Bird Dog Training Permit

#09.08 Shoot-to-Kill Bird Dog Training Permit Required - NEW

#09.10 Wildlife import - Exempts transport through within 12 hours for interstate commerce if not displayed and confined in mode of transport; adds terrestrial wildlife exemption; aquatic turtles and alligators no longer exempt

#09.11 Import of certain wildlife - removes scientific/educational/conservation exemption under general exemptions

#09.13 Shoot-to-Kill Retrieving Dog Training Permit Required - NEW

#09.14 Native Pets - Bans wild-caught bobcat, coyote, red fox and gray fox pets - exempts 7/1/22

#14.01 Take Birds - Revises federal code reference

#14.04 Take Raptors - Revises federal code reference

#F1.01 Commercial Wildlife Hunting Resort - allows special conditions for permit; removes black bear hunting ban; must sell or euthanize animals if not renewed before expiration

#F1.02 Game Bird Shooting Resort - allows special permit conditions; removes needing to recapture afterward; must sell or euthanize animals not allowed under 09.02 non-native or 9.14(B) native pets if not renewed before expiration

#F1.03 Wildlife Breeder/Dealer - All R1.03 species must now be sold to another permit or exported; Allows leaving permanent facility for sale, veterinary care or exhibition; exempts ratites from building or covered pen; GFAS allowed to leave animals in exercise enclosures overnight; adds exhibition caging exception; those with R1.03 that do not have those species for year will not have permit renewed

#F1.04 Wildlife Importation - allows special conditions; not needed for transport through; grants additional authority for controlling disease and quarantine; ban unhealthy/unhumane conditions; requires strong enough enclosure

#F1.05 Wildlife Rehabilitation - revises experience; allows special conditions; release requires landowner permission

#F1.06 Shoot-To-Kill Bird Dog Training Permit Requirements - NEW

#F1.07 Falconry - revises entire section

#F1.08 Venomous Reptile - allows special conditions; Must be held in humane and healthy condition

#F1.10 Conservation Education - If not renewed, animals must be transferred to another permit holder or euthanized before expiration other than what is allowed under 9.14(A) native wildlife pets; must allow inspections AND restrain or put in suitable pen if requested AND allows immediate removal if cared for improperly or kept in inhumane or unhealthy conditions

#F1.11 Shoot-to-Kill Retrieving Dog Training Permit NEW

#P1.01 Endangered Species List - Adds black rail/red knot; removes Sprague’s pipet; Magazine Mountain sagreen

#R1.01 Unrestricted Species - divides into species types - Adds lessor spot-nosed guenon, certain chameleons, Cyclodomorphus Skinks

#R1.02 Conditional Species - adds False Brook Salamanders; California or Valley Quail; Gambel's Quail; Scaled or Blue Quail; Canadian lynx; Mountain coatis; Ring-tailed Lemur; Ruffed Lemurs; Spider Monkeys; vervet monkeys; wolf; Collared Lizards, Leopard Lizards; Central and South American Pitvipers

#R1.03 Prohibited Species - divides into species type; Adds all waterfowl (no exception) and anacondas

FLORIDA (FWC) Captive wildlife bites/escapeS

68A-6.001 Captive wildlife definitions - Defines basic first aid and serious bodily injury

68A-6.009 General Regulations - bans maintaining captive wildlife resulting in injury to wildlife or humans or escape as defined; Cages must be completely enclosed to prevent escape except paddocks, reptiles and open-air enclosures; illegal for unauthorized person to breach, remove, damage or dismantle structural safety barrier of any enclosure, wildlife exhibit, or ride

68A-6.018 Injuries, Escapes - removes bites; revises when and under what conditions to report injuries or escapes

Re-adopted Nov 30, 2022

WYOMING GAME AND FISH Rule change proposals

ADOPTED 7/28/22
Chapter 10 - Regulation For Importation, and Possession, Confinement, Transportation, Sale And Disposition of Live Wildlife
Chapter 33 - Regulation Governing Issuance Of Scientific Research, Educational Or Special Purpose Permits
Ch 49 - Private Stocking of Wildlife
Ch 50 - Fishing Preserves
Ch 51 - Private Fish Hatcheries
Ch 52 - Take of Nongame Wildlife
Ch 53 - Landowner Fishing Lakes or Ponds
Ch 69 - Importation and Possession of Live Cold-Blooded Wildlife

North Carolina wildlife resources rule changes

Adopted 8/18/22

15A NCAC 10B .0101 Importation of Wild Animals, Birds, and Native Reptiles and Amphibians (Adds that Ag permit may also be needed, amends waterfowl rules)

15A NCAC 10B .0216 Falconry

15A NCAC 10B .0405 Fur Dealers

15A NCAC 10C .0214 Fish Collectors

Michigan agency rule 2022-11 endangered/threatened species

Revises list of species

Adopted Oct 13, 2022 – Approved by JCAR

MISSOURI Rule 3 CSR 10-9.565 Licensed Hunting Preserve: Privileges

Revises ban on new permits for cervids within 25 miles of positive CWD animal

ADOPTED Dec 2, 2022

  • Defines entering big game facility as physically entering or when identified on Movement Certificate AND preserve used database to transfer the animal into their inventory on same day as movement
  • Allows additional CWD sampling or testing during disease investigations or mortality events AND requires health standards to comply with federal/state laws
  • 5 year ban on new permits within 25 miles of CWD positive animals: allows new permits for those 11-25 miles away if double-fenced perimeter fence separated by at least 10’, compliance with caging standards, minimum enclosure space based on interior fence, and no cervids confined or taken between fences

VIRGINIA rule changes

Aug 18, 2022

4VAC15-20-50 - Updates definition of native and naturalized animals to the 2022 list

4VAC15-20-200 - Creates a late fee for failing to renew by deadline of $25 for commercial exhibitors, $10 for educational, and $10 for rehabilitators

4VAC15-360-10 - Crayfish take

4VAC15-360-20 - Bans collecting minnows and chubs for sale from inland waters (requires permit)

pennsylvania game 147.305 rule change

Requires monthly report to district wildlife conservation officer with species and quantity of wildlife captured or transported, capture location, transport location and disposition of deceased wildlife

Jul 9, 2022   ADOPTED


Revising various rules to refer to new online system for permits
Adopted 7/13/22 - Effective 8/23/22 except where noted

68A-6.004 Possession of Class I, II, and III Wildlife: Permit Application Criteria

68A-6.010 Facility Requirements for Class I, II and III Wildlife

68A-6.017 Possession and Exhibition of Venomous Reptiles and Reptiles of Concern

68A-6.0172 Record Keeping and Reporting Requirements for Venomous Reptiles and Reptiles of Concern

68A-9.005 Falconry

68A-9.006 Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit -
Effective 8/2/22

68A-12.004 Possession or Sale of Birds or Mammals; Taxidermy Operations and Mounting Requirements -
Effective 8/2/22

68A-12.010 Regulations Governing the Operation of Private Hunting Preserves -
Effective 8/2/22

68A-12.011 Regulations Governing the Establishment and Operation of Game Farms -
Effective 8/2/22

Amendments: submit application http://www.myFWC.com or http://www.GoOutdoorsFlorida.com, replace address with DOB, require contact info for someone to utilize chemical and physical capture equipment and temporary transport equipment and require schematic or graphic depiction and current inventory

MISSOURI Rule 3 CSR 10-9.354 Privileges of Class III Wildlife Breeders

Revises ban on new permits for cervids within 25 miles of positive CWD animal

ADOPTED Dec 2, 2022

Allows new permits for Class III facilities that are more than 10 miles away and less than 25 if double-fenced perimeter fence separated by at least 10’, compliance with caging standards, minimum enclosure space based on interior fence, and no cervids between fences

COLORADO Parks and Wildlife Meeting

Chapter 11 Rule Changes

1) fallow deer CWD testing and alternative wildlife TB testing removed  Introduced

2) #009 Release of Terrestrial Wildlife - allows release of listed birds for training raptors for falconry during open season Adopted at 3/9 meeting - Effective 5/1/22

3) Reclassifies only privately held bison as domestic and makes plains bison big game  DENIED

Mar 9, 2022 - see results

florida fish & Wildlife commission RULE 68A-6.003

Prevents issuing captive wildlife permits to another facility if owner/interested party had one revoked

ADOPTED May 4, 2022 - Effective Jun 27, 2022

florida fish & Wildlife commission RULE 68-5.007

Allows spouse/beneficiary of permit holder that dies be issued a permit to keep the animal for its life if they submit a permit application within 90 days; Allows prohibited reptile species being free-handled in exhibition indoors to have public contact

REVISED after March meeting to exclude mobile

Adoption Meeting: May 4, 2022 @ 8:30 am

ADOPTED May 4, 2022 - Effective Jun 27, 2022

KEntucky agency rule 301 KAR 2:083 captive cervids

Requires captive cervid facility to only hold captive cervid

Adopted Dec 2, 2022

North carolina wildlife resources rule changes

15A NCAC 10A .1601 License Fees - Makes most wildlife permit fees nonrefundable

15A NCAC 10B .0101 Importation of Wild Animals, Birds, and Native Reptiles and Amphibians

15A NCAC 10B .0119 Wildlife Collectors - revises collection of native reptiles/amphibiansAmended personal use exemption and snapping turtle limit to per person instead of per household

15A NCAC 10B .0123 Limitations on Certain Exotic Species - addsArgentine black and white tegus/greenhouse frogs

15A NCAC 10H .1301 Sale of Native Turtles - Bans buy/sale of native turtles except snapping 13"+

15A NCAC 10H .1302 Possession of Reptiles and Amphibians - revises possess exemption/permitsAmended to remove possession permit per address

15A NCAC 10H .1402 Captivity License for Rehabilitation - bans rehab upland game bird eggs and nine-banded armadillos

All Adopted 2/24/22 - see above for amendments

IDAHO 13.01.10 Rule Review


Nov 15, 2022

- simplifies text and rearranges
- ADDS rehabilitation facilities
Bullfrogs, fish crustaceans in public exhibit by zoo or aquarium regulated by the rule
- Agricultural/Domestic Animals in addition to not being wildlife must not be for release into wild
- pet stores must be engaged in selling conventional pets
- new definition for conventional pets that lists additional species
- private park includes all wildlife not just big game
- publicly owned zoo or wildlife exhibit - adds that it is zoo, aquarium or similar
- adds public safety threat as reason not to issue license
- removes certain descriptions of wolf characteristics and adds female weight
- wolves also need microchip
- allows alternative enclosures to be approved
- adds rules for captive game birds for shooting preserve

Oct changes:

  • Adds incorporation by reference section with list of relevant federal laws
  • Moves bullfrog, fish, crustacean exception to a new definition of wildlife
  • Exempts veterinary care from needing transport permit
  • Allows single transport permit to commercial facility for temporary display on annual or semi-annual schedule
  • Vet requirement – need vet ATTENDING the facility
  • Renewals with unchanged information may use prior fence, enclosure, security information
  • Commercial facilities – removes requirements for dead wildlife, vet exam, public feeding, restraints, license displayCommercial facilities – adds that warm-blooded need USDA Class C, must comply with USDA standards on care, handling and feeding, must have vet care program and report deaths to regional office in 10 days

NEW HAMPSHIRE RULE Fis 800 & 1102 wildlife

Adopted Dec 21, 2022

Fis 803.03 Non-controlled Import: Moves caribou/reindeer, red deer, sika deer, and elk from non-controlled to prohibited

Fis 803.04 Prohibited Import:

  • Moves caribou/reindeer, red deer, sika deer, and elk from non-controlled to prohibited
  • ADDS white-tailed deer

Fis 804.05 Controlled Possession: ADDS Category 2 Propagator that can possess caribou/reindeer

Fis 815.01 Permit Denial: NEW SECTION

  • Adds that permit shall be granted unless risk of disease, genetic, ecological, environmental, health, safety, or welfare to persons, marine species, or other wildlife
  • Requires department to notify applicant of denial in writing in 60 days

Fis 815.02 Appealing Denial (NEW SECTION): Adds permit denial appeal:

  • May appeal denial in writing to executive director within 60 days with name, residential address, telephone number, email, species and request purpose
  • must respond and either uphold or overturn the denial within 60 days

Fis 815.03 Petition to Commission (NEW SECTION):

  • Allows person aggrieved by decision of executive director to appeal with written petition to the Fish and Game Commission
  • Commission must hear petition within 45 days
  • Need majority vote to overturn decision
  • Commission must issue ruling in writing within 14 days of hearing

Fis 815.04 Further Appeal (NEW SECTION): Allows further review of commission decision under RSA 541

Fis 1102.01 NH Special Wildlife Permit - readopts without change

COLORADO PARKS & Wildlife commission rule Chapter 11

ADOPTED 7/21/22 - Effective 9/1/22

Removes the CWD testing requirement for import, certification and movement of fallow deer AND removes TB testing requirement for alternative livestock to match Agriculture rules due to split authority over cervids

GEORGIA Natural resources new rule

Creates brand new section: Creates prohibited species list and adds new species to inherently dangerous and wild animals list

New Prohibited Species:

  • Family Herpestidae (mongooses)
  • Purple Swamphen
  • monk parakeet or Quaker parrot) except grandfathered owners - Currently under wild animals
  • Family Channidae (snakeheads) - Currently under wild animals – expands to all
  • African tigerfish
  • Genus Hypopthalmichthys (bighead and silver carps) - Currently in wild animals
  • black carp - currently under wild animals under entire family
  • Genus Lates (lates perches)
  • wels catfish
  • Family Dreissenidae (dreissenid mussels)
  • Subfamily Achatininae (giant African land snails)
  • marbled crayfish

New Inherently Dangerous:

  • all felines
  • gymnotid eels
  • stonefishes
  • weaverfishes
  • Genus Androctonus (fattail scorpions)
  • Genus Centruroides (bark scorpions) 
  • Genus Parabuthus (burrowing thicktailed scorpions)
  • deathstalker
  • yellow-legged creeping scorpion

New Wild Animals:

  • Indian rock python
  • Burmese python
  • Argentine black-and-white tegu
  • Nile monitor
  • African helmeted turtle
  • Chinese softshell turtle
  • Arapaimas
  • Trahiras
  • Goonch catfish
  • swamp eels
  • exotic fish not held in tanks and aquaria
  • apple snails
  • Asian mystery snails
  • crayfish (families Astacidae; Cambaridae; Cambaroididae; Parastacidae; Penaeidae) except red swamp crayfish, white river crayfish, Cambarellus spp.
  • New Zealand mud snail
  • assassin/bumblebee snail
  • mussels (families Etheriidae; Hyriidae; Iridinidae; Mycetopodidae)
  • Genera Anodonta and Sinanodonta (pond mussels)
  • freshwater and marine invertebrates not in aquaria or tanks

Adopted Oct 25, 2022


Adds animals to Restricted Part A allowing import for certain purposes

Adopted Oct 11, 2022

* Northern largemouth bass for purpose of improve genetics in Wahiawa Public Fishing Area
* South American Flea Beetle for biological control agent for Cane Tibouchina

New hampshire rule fis 1401 reptiles and amphibians

ADOPTED - Effective 7/26/22

  • Adds scientific permits
  • BANS take and possession of marbled salamander, Fowler’s toad, Northern leopard frog and eggs
  • BANS timber rattlesnake and Eastern hognose snakesAllows department to withhold information on populations of nongame if it threatens its survival

FLORIDA (FWC) Gopher tortoise rule 68A-27.003

Updates reference to the new permitting guidelines and approves the new guidelines

ADOPTED November 30, 2022

NEVADA Commission ORDER 23-03 noncommercial reptile/amphibian 2023-24

Adopts new season for noncommercial collection of reptiles and amphibians - no changes

Adopted 11/5/22

hawaii agriculture Rule restricted animal list part a

Adding Asian tiger mosquito, yellow fever mosquito, southern house mosquito to Restricted Species Part A

Adopted 6/28/22

FLORIDA (FWC) STRIPED NEWT RULE 68A-27.003/68A-27.0021

Removes striped newt from candidate species and adds to threatened list and adds reference to new permitting guidelines

ADOPTED November 30, 2022

TEXAS Zoological facilities 57.111 & 57.114

Amends controlled exotic species permit for zoological display to say that it is for display of controlled exotic species in a zoological facility

Adopted: Aug 25, 2022

NEVADA Commission ORDER 23-02 FAlconry 2023-24

Adopts new falconry season

Adopted 11/5/22

2022 State Agency Rules

FLORIDA (FWC) Diamondback Terrapins Proposal

Review request to allow commercial captive breeding of diamondback terrapins

DENIED Nov 30, 2022

KANSAS COMMercial mussel harvest ban

commercial mussel harvest has been suspended since 2003

Adopted Nov 17, 2022

Agency Rule 115-17-6 Commercial mussel fishing license; license application and requirements, authority, reports, general provisions and license revocation - repeals license 

Agency Rule 115-17-7 Commercial harvest of mussels - BANS commercial harvest

Agency Rule 115-17-8 Commercial harvest of mussels; legal equipment, taking methods and general provisions - REPEALED 

Agency Rule 115-17-9 Commercial mussel fishing; open areas - REPEALED

Agency Rule 115-17-14 Commercial mussel dealer permit; permit application and requirements, authority, reports, general provisions and permit revocation - REPEALED 

COLORADO PARKS & Wildlife commission rule Chapter W-0

Increases fees for all wildlife permits

Nov 17, 2022
Effective: Jan 1, 2023

 Alaska BOARD OF GAME Rule change proposals

#104 Definitions - Revises definitions for deleterious exotic wildlife FAILED

#105 Definitions - Adds roof rat and house mouse to deleterious exotic wildlife NO ACTION see 104

#106 Definitions - Defines feral FAIILED

#107 Definitions - Adds unconfined domestic cats to deleterious exotic wildlife FAILED

#108 Permits for Falconry - Allows additional take permits for nonresidents Approved 3/10

#109 Permits for Falconry - Microchipping for nonresidents Approved 3/10

#110 Permits for Falconry - Changes passage nonresident season Approved 3/10

#111 Permits for Falconry - Creates waiting period for nonresidents capturing raptors Approved 3/10

#112 Permits for Falconry - Nonresident take quotas and species same as residents Approved 3/10

#113 Permits for Falconry - Revises nonresident take FAILED

#114 Permits for Falconry - Changes passage nonresident season NO ACTION see 110

#142 Permits for Possessing Live Game - Adds emu to clean list (legalizes them) Approved 3/10

# 143 Permits for Possessing Live Game - Adds emu to clean list (legalizes them) No Action See 142

# 144 Permits for Possessing Live Game - Legalizes release of sterilized community cats FAILED

# 145 Permits for Possessing Live Game; Feeding of Game; Definitions - makes domestic cats deleterious exotic wildlife and bans release,trap-neuter-return cats, feeding unconfined cats, animal control from placing cats for use with outdoor pest control, unrestrained cats outdoors NO ACTION See others

#268 Permits for Possessing Live Game - limit swine to Sus scrofa domesticus Approved 3/10

#238 Permits for Possessing Live Game - remove Czechoslovakian Vlcak from live game FAILED

Approved rules filed by Lieutinant Governor 5/24/22 - Effective 6/23/22