Captive Primate Safety Act (2008-present)

  • In 2008, Nancy Nighswander, our federal legislation director, along with Bill Hanka met with the leaders of the US House Committee to voice their opposition to the bill, and UAPPEAL sent Primatologist Dr Sian Evans as our witness to give testimony in opposition of the Captive Primate Safety Act before the US House Subcommittee.

  • Successful in getting amendments added, including allowing travel between states to visit a veterinarian or to place a monkey in end of life care following the death of an owner if needed

  • Stopped efforts to pass the bill through without a roll call vote



UAPPEAL's mission is to protect the right of responsible exotic and alternative animal owners, handlers, businesses, facilities and organizations by lobbying to prevent unfair regulation, discouraging the casual acquisition of exotic animals through education, and furthering animal welfare through the responsible placement of animals in need.

UAPPEAL has been very active in other federal legislation as well as state legislation. 

Our Legislative Work

William Hanka of Hanka Advisor, LLC

UAPPEAL hires Bill Hanka of Hanka Advisor, LLC to guide us on federal legislation and represent us in Washington. His legislative experience and sound advice have been instrumental in fighting negative exotic animal legislation.                   MORE

Here are our latest bylaws.                  



Founded in 2003 by Barbara Doherty and Mark McDaniels, UAPPEAL became the first successful multi-species 501(c)4 organization which could lobby to show the responsible side of keeping alternative animals in captivity to our legislatures and contradict the negative and misleading propaganda that is being dispersed.

UAPPEAL has given the non-traditional animal community a voice in Washington. On the state level, UAPPEAL trains its members to become citizen lobbyists including how to write and call their state legislators, set up meetings with their state legislators, and testify at state hearings. We also provide various resources to address legislation, including templates, sample letters, facts and statistics and more.   


Other accomplishments