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Alabama Constitution: Sec 125

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Section 3-8-1 Rabies vaccine required for any canidae or felidae; applicability.

Canids and Felids: BANS “any canidae or felidae for which there is no USDA licensed rabies vaccine” except zoos, circuses, colleges and universities, USDA animal refuges, local humane shelters, the Department, and veterinary clinics.


Alabama Admin Code 220-2-.142 Turtle Dealer/Farmer Regulation.

Native turtles: Need turtle farmer’s permit (propagate) or turtle dealer’s permit (sell, purchase, trade, import, export) for commercial business.

9 Alabama Code Sec. 9-11-481 Prohibited activities; exceptions; applicability; penalties.

Black bears: BANNED as protected species except for scientific or survival research, zoological exhibition, education or any other purpose approved.


Alabama Admin Code 220-2-.26 Restrictions On Possession, Sale, Importation And/Or Release Of Certain Animals And Fish.

BANS all walking catfish, black carp, piranha, non native sturgeon, Chinese perch, snakehead, mud carp, blue black herring, fish rudd or roach, nonindigenous venomous reptile, mongoose, San Juan rabbits or wild hares OR any of the following from outside the state: cervidae, coyote, fox, raccoon, skunk, wild rodent, wild turkey, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, Pronghorn antelope, nondomestic pig, peccaries, bovidae except bison, piranha, Nile perch, Asian seabass, barramundi, lates, macquaria perches, and giant African snail.  Intrastate transportation requires a game breeder’s license. Exempt are accredited educational, research, and rehabilitation facilities with written permission of the Director.


9 Alabama Code Ch. 11 Art. 11 Possession of Wildlife for Public Exhibition Purposes

Possession of wildlife for public exhibition requires a $25 annual permit except government zoos or wildlife exhibits, private traveling zoos and circuses, and pet shops.

Alabama Admin Code 220-2-.154 Standards Of Care For Wildlife Used For Public Exhibition Purposes

For public exhibition, the state uses a classification system, with Class I requiring exceptional knowledge, Class II posing a potential threat to public safety and Class III including all unlisted species.   Applicants must be at least 21 and meet the experience requirements.  There are also specific care and caging rules. NEW: Class I and II require a USDA license. 

Alabama Code 9-11-30 Game breeder's license - Issuance; renewal; expiration; fees.; Alabama Admin Code 220-2-.138 Licensed Game Breeders

Raising game birds, game animals, and furbearers for propagation purposes requires a Game Breeder’s License, which is $250 except for cervids. 

NEW: Game breeders now required to report releases and transfers and make all record updates on the website along with having ear tags for fawns within 30 days of birth and reporting escapes within 24 hours. (10/24/17)

NEW: The agency is now required to issue a license to qualified individuals AND license penalties now only apply to those who KNOWINGLY violate it. (SB 112/Act 2018-162, 2018)

NEW: Now requires electronic inventory record submissions which now include transport, release and transfers.  Escaped deer must be recaptured within 10 days which may be extended 10 more.

Alabama Code 9-11-31 Game breeder's license - Sales by licensee; nonindigenous game breeder option.

A Game Breeder's License allows the sale of game animals and birds for propagating purposes. There is a Nonindigious Game Breeder Permit for those species possessed on May 1, 2006 and their offspring. Such species may only be bought or sold from another Nonindigenous Game Breeder Permit holder or outside the state.  

Alabama Code  9-11-261 Permits for propagation of game birds, and game or fur-bearing animals for private purposes.

 Issues $1 Propagation Permit to breed game birds, game and fur-bearing animals for private purposes.


Alabama Code 9-2-13 Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources - Authority to prohibit importation of birds, animals, fish, etc.

The Department has authority to regulate the importation of animals except for displays for carnivals, circuses, zoos, and other shows.

NEW: SB 112 Game Breeders was signed into law as Act 2018-162 requiring the agency to issue a license to qualified individuals AND makes license penalties only apply to those who KNOWINGLY violate it .


Department Conservation & Natural Resources

     Division of Wildlife & Freshwater Fish

      Wildlife Section     
      64 N. Union Street, Suite 468
      Montgomery, AL 36130
      (334) 242-3469

Board: Conservation and Natural

             Resources Advisory Board

Meets:  February, March and May  



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NEW: Licensed Game Breeders rule was adopted requiring inventory records be sent electronically and include transport, release and transfers AND requiring capturing escaped deer within 10 days which may be extended 10 more.