Potentially dangerous wild animals:  BANNED except for municipal parks, AZA or ZAA zoos and nature centers, museums, and research facilities. 

         Potentially Dangerous Wild Animals:

  • Bears
  • Canines
  • Felines
  • Hybrids except TICA, CFA or ACFA domestic cat hybrids
  • Nonhuman primates in Hominidae family

Exempts primates under 35 pounds possessed prior to October 1, 2003. (As amended 7/8/2009)

(Connecticut Statutes Ch. 490 Sec. 26-40a-f)

BANS wild animals not considered domestic except as otherwise specified:

  • Category 1 (felines except Bengal cats, canines, bears, and Hominidae) - limited to  municipal park, AZA or ZAA zoo, public nonprofit aquarium, nature center, museum, USDA exhibitor or lab or research facility

  • Category 2 (see rule for list) - Limited to veterinarian, municipal park, AZA or ZAA zoo, marine mammal park, aquarium, nature center, museum, exhibitor, laboratory or research facility)

  • Category 3 (see rule for list) - Limited to municipal park, AZA or ZAA zoo, marine mammal park, aquarium, nature center, museum, exhibitor, laboratory, research facility or school or person authorized in 26-40 (game breeders), 26-54 (protected birds and quadrupeds), 26-57 (transport/export permit) or 26-67e (falconry)

  • Category 4 (endangered or threatened species or species of concern)

There are special limitations for the exhibitor and museum and nature center exemptions.  

For full animal lists, click Here. (2012)


Skunks and raccoons: BANS except for zoos, nature centers, museums, and laboratory and research facilities.  (Connecticut Statutes Ch. 490 Sec. 26-40)

 Wild birds or quadrupeds:  Require a game breeder’s permit for pets or sale except one of these: ducks, geese, swans, quail, partridge, certain pheasants, ruffed grouse, nondomestic turkeys, sika and white tail deer, raccoon, otter, beaver, and wild rabbits and hares. (Connecticut Statutes Ch. 490 Sec. 26-54)

 Herp: Owners of bog turtles must provide certain information to the department and note any changes within 20 days (26-78-2).   BANS wood turtles but allows 3 marbled salamanders, 3 spotted salamanders,  1 Eastern bog turtle, 1Eastern hognose snake, and 1 Eastern ribbon snake (26-55-3).  
Turtle sales are regulated by the Health Code.


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