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Louisiana Legislature

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Sessions: 1 Year


   Odd Years: April (2nd Mon)

   Even Years: Mar (2nd Mon)


   Odd Years: 45 legislative days

   Even Year: 60 legislative days

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Legislative Process

Bill Signing Deadlines

During Session: 10 days
After Session: 20 days  
Pocket Veto: No
Louisiana Constitution Art III Sec 18

Bill Effective Date

Regular Session - August 1

Special - 60 days after adj
Louisiana Constitution Art III Sec 19


Dangerous wild quadrupeds, big exotic cats and nonhuman primates: BANS except AZA zoos, research facilities, transporting through the state within 24 hours, temporary circuses, LA college and university mascots.  All other zoos and educational institutions and AZA animal sanctuaries may be exempt after receiving a permit.  Wolf hybrids are legal with proof.  One service monkey and primates owned on April 6, 2006 are exempt under a Nonhuman Primate Permit with annual testing, along with big exotic cats owned on August 1, 2006 under a permit.  There are very strict requirements, including $100,000 insurance per animal up to $1,000,000 with A or higher rated company. 

Dangerous Wild Quadrupeds:

  • Black, grizzly, polar bears
  • Red and gray wolf

Big Exotic Cats:

  • Cougars and up
  • Hybrids of listed cats

(Louisiana Admin Code 76:116)


Game quadrupeds and birds: Requires game breeder’s license for trade, barter, exchange, exhibition and commercial facilities, which may not be taken from the wild.  (Louisiana Admin Code 76:107)

Nongame quadrupeds: Require a Nongame Quadruped Breeder or Exhibitor License and includes alligators, beavers, bobcats, coyotes, gray foxes, minks, muskrats, nutrias, opossums, otters, raccoons, red foxes, and skunks.  (Louisiana Rev. Statutes 56:262; Louisiana Rev. Statutes 56-8)

Native reptile/amphibian: Box turtles must come from a pet box turtle farm and allows 2 wild caught ones per day (possession limit 4) for recreational purposes, but prohibits them for commercial purposes.  Issues the following permits for others:

  • Alligator Permit (possession or sale of alligators)
  • Resident or Nonresident Collectors Permit (sell other reptiles and amphibians)
  • Scientific Collector’s Permit (herpetological research)
  • Reptile and Amphibian Wholesaler/Retailer License (resell or import/export them or sell captive ones)
  • Transport Permit (transport except Collectors or Wholesaler/Retailer permit holders)

(Louisiana Rev. Statutes 56:261, 56:632-56:637)

NEW: HB 593 revises the turtle regulations.  The new law:

  • Makes the regulations only apply to farm-raised turtles by turtle farmers instead of all turtles
  • Requires a turtle farmer license
  • Requires the rules to include breeding, disposal, raising, identification, inspecting, licensing, monitoring, sanitization, shipping or transporting, testing, and quarantine of farm-raised turtles or turtle eggs
  • Removes violations for failing to dispose of quarantined turtles or eggs and willful improper disposal of antibiotic solutions along with the requirement for a certificate of inspection or health certificate for shipping or moving them
  • Repeals the current turtle farmer laws

(HB 593/Act 63 Amended 6/3/17 – Effective 8/1/17)