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Maine Constitution Art IV Part 3 Sec 2

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Maine Constitution Art IV Part 3 Sec 16



Maine Revised Statutes                                    Code of Maine Rules


PERMIT required for the possession and importation of native or exotic wildlife.   

Wildlife is divided into the following categories:

  • Prohibited (BANNED except research)
    • Red-eared slider
    • Monk parakeet
    • Mute swan
    • African clawed frog

  • Restricted (PERMIT required)
    • Category 1 (CITES I, injurious wildlife, could survive in Maine, cause serious bodily injury - Limited to exhibitor, rehabilitator, lab, research)
      • USFWS Injurious Species
        CITES Appendix I
        Threatened/endangered species
        Birds: Bats
        Herps: crocodilians, water and crocodile monitor, Gila monsters, beaded lizards
        Ungulates: Rhino, tapir, hippo, camel, deer
    • Category 2 (Require special care or commitment - Issued to exhibitor, rehabilitator, lab, research or individual)
      • Herp: tortoise, iguana
        Rodents - Caviidae
  • Unclassified (BANNED)

Requirements for Restricted Species Permits:   

  • 18 years or older
  • 1 year experience/100 hours training
  • Safety measures in place
  • Animal records  
  • Category 1 - emergency plan and requires authorization to allow public contact
  • Category 2 - maintenance plan in case of owner's death or injury

BANS pet shops from selling these species.

BANS primates other than service monkeys and deer, bears, moose, and wild turkeys under Possession or Propagation Permits.

NEW: Allowing exotic animals to escape is Class E crime. (SP 91 – Chapter 285 – 7/5/17)

NEW for 2017: Wildlife Permits:

  • Category 1 restricted species importation permit – Import endangered/threatened/human risk species ($250 application and $27 permit fee)

  • Category 1 restricted species exhibition permit – Import endangered/threatened/human risk species or ones requiring special housing or care except wolf hybrids (2 years - $250 application and $27 permit fees)

  • Category 2 restricted species importation permit – Import species requiring special housing or care ($100 application and $27 permit fees)

  • Category 2 restricted species possession permit – Possess species requiring special housing or care (2 years - $27 application and $27 permit fees)

  • Wildlife rehabilitation permit – Possess debilitated or orphaned wildlife and rehabilitate and release or euthanize if release is not possible (2 years - FREE)

  • Research permit – import and possess endangered/threatened/human risk species or species requiring special housing or care for scientific research or educational purposes (2 years – FREE)

  • Educational and scientific collection permit – Hunt, trap, possess, band and transport native wildlife for educational or scientific purposes other than non endangered/threatened/special concern invertebratesCategory 1 restricted species importation permit – Import endangered/threatened/human risk species ($250 application and $27 permit fees)

(HP 1087/Chapter 205 Amended 6/14/17 – Effective Immediately)


There are very strict requirements for elephants (Maine Rules 01-001 Ch. 703). 

Ferrets must be at least 8 weeks old before sale or import (7 Maine Rev. Statutes 3970-A).

Wolf hybrids follow domestic dog licensing, but must have permanent ID before a license is issued. Wolf hybrid kennels (where 1 or more wolf hybrids are kept and bred) require registration with the department.  (7 Maine Rev. Statutes 721, 3921-A, 3931-B; Maine Rules 01-001 Ch. 721)


Prohibits using wild caught turtles and snakes for commercial purposes except snapping turtles under a Commercial Snapping Turtle permit. 

(12 Maine Rev. Statutes 12152 to 12159; Maine Rules 09-137 Ch. 7)

NEW for 2017: HP 1087 revises the requirements for native herp and invertebrates as follows:

  • For native non threatened/endangered/concern species: up to 5 amphibians per species, 2 reptiles per species and unlimited invertebrates may be captured from the wild and possessed without a permit
  • Such captured species must not come into contact with nonnative species, and if released, must be released in the same location as caught
  • Clarifies that a permit is still needed for import, exhibition/propagation/ export/sale for commercial purposes
  • Classifies wildlife according to unrestricted, endangered/threatened/human risk, special housing needed, and prohibited under all circumstances. 
  • Creates a $27 permit fee and annual renewal for commercial amphibian permits and commercial nonmarine invertebrate permits
  • Repeals the section on rules for commercial nonmarine invertebrate permits, scientific or educational permits, and civil violations for educational or scientific collection permits

(HP 1087/Chapter 205 - 6/14/17 – Effective Immediately)


         Department of Inland   

         Fisheries and Wildlife

        Warden Service
        284 State Street, SHS 41

        Augusta, ME 04333-0041
       (207) 287-5240

Board: Inland Fisheries and

             Wildlife Advisory Council

Meets: Monthly 



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