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Annapolis, MD 21401-1925

Sessions: 1 Year

Convenes: Jan (2nd Wed)

Adjourns: 90 calendar days

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During Session: 6 days excl Sun
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Pocket Veto: No
Maryland Constitution Art II Sec 17  

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June 1
Maryland Constitution Art III Sec 31


 Dangerous animals: BANS except USDA research facility, USDA exhibitor, under special permit, a 501(c) 3 animal sanctuary, animal control officer, licensed vet, traveling through the state within 10 days, or service animal, and grandfathered owners that gave written notification to the local animal control by August 1, 2006.

Dangerous Animals:

  • Felines and domestic hybrids over 30#
  • Canines and hybrids and foxes
  • Primates
  • Bears
  • Herp: Caiman, alligator, crocodile, poisonous snakes in Hydrophidae, Elapidae, Viperidae, Crotolidae
  • Skunks, raccoons

USDA Class C must have $1,000,000 insurance policy, paid full-time director, paid full-time staff trained to care for the animals, animal disposition policy in case facility closes, and a zoonotic disease risk and prevention plan.  (HB 1124/SB 827, 4/14/2014)

 (Maryland Statutes Criminal Code 10-621, 5/1/2006; Maryland Statutes Health Code 18-217 to 18-222)


Maryland gave Carroll County, Cecil County, and Frederick County the authority to regulate hybrids and wild animals in captivity. 

(Maryland Statutes Art 24 11-511)


PERMIT required for game mammals (include furbearers) and game birds.  

  • Game Husbandry Permit (breed or sell game birds)
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator Permit (rehabilitate and release injured or sick wildlife)
  • Falconry Permits
  • Scientific Collection Permits

        Game Mammals:

  • Sika and white-tailed deer
  • black bear
  • Small game (crow, pheasant, quail, rabbits, ruffed grouse, and squirrels)
  • Furbearers (coyote, gray and red fox, bobcat, fisher, long-tailed weasel, mink, river otter, opossum, raccoon, beaver, muskrat, nutria, striped skunk)

(Maryland Statutes DNR 10-901 to 10-911; Maryland Reg. -, 08.03.12)

Herp: BANS venomous reptiles as pets.  Native reptiles and amphibians require Captive Reptile and Amphibian Permit. Turtles require a caution notice. 
Competitions involving native herps are banned including frog jumps and turtle races.  (Effective 6/20/2016)

(Maryland Reg. 08.03.11,; Maryland Statutes 4-902)


BANS import of mammalian wildlife species and hybrids for which there is no USDA rabies vaccine and requires permit for transportation except licensed circuses, carnivals or fairs.  Certain pocket pets and primates of the families Cebidae, Cercopithecidae, and Pongidae are exempt, along with wild and semi wild animals under domestication. 

(Maryland Reg.,, -



 Maryland Statutes                     Maryland Administrative Regulations

NEW: SB 89 was signed into law 4/10/18 repealing the obsolete Captive Wildlife Advisory Committee


Department of Natural Resources

 Wildlife and Heritage Service
 580 Taylor Ave., E-1

  Annapolis, MD 21401  

Board: Wildlife Advisory  


Meets: TBD


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