State Agency Rules

NEVADA Commission Reg. 506 GOLDEN EAGLES

Revises rules regarding golden eagles in falconry and rehabilitation

  • Allows golden eagles including wild take by resident master falconer with eagle permit, hunting license, and rehabilitation license (if applicable)
  • Allows golden eagles by nonresident master falconer with nonresident hunting license and written permission – must apply for NV master falconer license and eagle permit in 60 days if moving to state
  • Adds requirements for eagle permit
  • Eagles must be in good condition
  • Rehabilitated golden eagles must be released in 2 years – may be granted additional time
  • must have copies of any applicable hunting license, master falconer license, eagle permit and rehabilitation permit
  • replaces driver’s license and SSN with Client ID number and requires eagle location
  • allows letter from rehabilitator that applicant is assisting instead of rehabilitation permit
  • master falconer renewals only need already approved documents
  • replaces eagle housing of 12’ x 12’ x 8’ with large enough to fly if untethered or if tethered to fully extend wings without damage
  • rehabilitated eagles may be released at place other than capture if approved by department
  • master falconer with eagle permit no longer limited to primary feathers and 12 tail feathers

Adopted May 6, 2023


Requires permit to propagate protected nongame; adds hybrids, crawfish frog, little grass frogs, mudpuppy, reticulated siren, and ALL king snakes; makes corrections; restricts Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes; Limits box turtles to 1

Adopted 9/20/22 – Effective 11/14/22

KENTUCKY RULE 301 KAR 2:081 Live native wildlife

Various revisions including:

  • Rabies Vector Species - ADDS hybrids
  • Exempts annual transportation permit, falconry permit and captive-bred native wildlife (except fox or coyote) imported or held in temporary facility 10 days from captive wildlife permit
  • Snapping turtle - clarifies that it is native common snapping turtle
  • Bullfrog can only be taken during season
  • Removes generic spring lizards limit
  • Falconry exempt from noncommercial permit and transportation permit for raptors
  • RVS transport ban limited to live ones
  • Exempts captive-bred native wildlife imported or held in temporary facility 10 days from captive permit
  • Permit holders must report bites within 12 hours to local county health
  • Must immediately dispatch mammal that bites person and submit head for testing
  • Commercial permit required for anyone profiting in any way from native wildlife, requires permit for each facility, exempts captive-bred native imported or temporary facility 10 days
  • Noncommercial must not profit in any way - permit per facility
  • New residents with transportation permit have 30 days to get inspection and submit application
  • USFWS permit for migratory or exemption
  • federal endangered limit to AZA, USFWS permit, cooperator in AZA SSP
  • Prohibited species: ADDS native bats, bobcat, hellbender, Kirtland’s snake, otter, native RVS, and wild rabbits
    • EXEMPTS: ADDS trapped RVS, wildlife rehabilitation permit, commercial nuisance wildlife control
    • Grandfathers: MAY exempt prohibited owned 4/4/23 – must microchip RVS, bobcats and otters and report using official form – BANS transfer ownership except owner’s death, reproducing and replacing them – enclosure must prevent escape and public contact

Adopted 9/15/22 –ARRS approved with technical amendments 1/10/23

montana fish, wildlife parks caracal cat petition

Petition to make caracal cats a CONTROLLED species.

Adopted 2/22/23

KENTUCKY RULE 301 KAR 2:082 Live EXOTIC wildlife

Various revisions including:

  • Transportation Permits: adds prohibited species to those not requiring permit
  • Adds import to activities requiring USFWS permit for federal migratory
  • Inherently dangerous: ADDS transport to prohibited activities
  • Commissioner’s exemption: replaces may grant with shall consider, ADDS import, requires it to further purpose of statutes, circuses limited to inherently dangerous species and no longer for transport in KY
  • Prohibited species – replaces apply for transportation permit with obtain a valid one
  • Applications – updates to 2022, removes Captive Wildlife Prohibited Species Report

Adopted 9/15/22 –ARRS approved with technical amendments 1/10/23


Increases allowed acreage of the NX Bar Ranch to 26,000 acres to account for their newly acquired land

Adopted with change 3/9/23 – Effective immediately

PA Game COmmission rule 147.282 Safety (Menageries)

Revises removal from cage and public contact for menageries:

  • Classifies ruminant animals as Category 1 Wildlife and allows removal from cages and direct exposure to public including contact without restriction
  • Classifies Category 2 wildlife as wildlife not listed elsewhere and allows removal from cage or enclosure and direct exposure to public including public contact if under immediate control of handler (was organ grinder monkey, performing chimp and elephant)
  • Classifies Category 3 wildlife as families Ursidae, Felidae, and Canidae and bans previously allowed option of removing from cage (leaves public contact ban)

Adopted Apr 15, 2023

MICHIGAN Wildlife conservation order 1 - 2023

Makes many changes to wildlife rehabilitation rules

Adopted 1/12/23

PA Game COmmission rule 141.67 Furbearer seasons.

Adds raptors under falconry to equipment that can be used to take furbearers during open season

Adopted Apr 15, 2023

KENTUCKY RULE 301 KAR 2:075 wildlife rehabilitation

Adopted 9/15/22 –ARRS approved with technical amendments 1/10/23

NORTH CAROLINa Rule 15A NCAC 10I .0103 Endangered Species Listed

Adds 2 new species to endangered list and removes 1 and moves Carolina madtom from threatened to endangered

Adopted 12/8/22 – Approved Rules Review 1/19/23 - Effective 2/1/23

NORTH CAROLINa Rule 15A NCAC 10I .0104 THREATENED Species Listed

  • Adds 4 new species to list
  • moves Carolina madtom from threatened to endangered
  • moves Neuse River waterdog from special concern to threatened

Adopted 12/8/22 – Approved Rules Review 1/19/23 - Effective 2/1/23

INDIANA DNR Citizen Petition #22-FW-025 Wild Animal Rehabilitation Permit

  • Requires random unannounced inspections from May – July
  • 1st failure – 10 days to correct deficiencies or permit suspended until fixed
  • 2nd violation – permit revoked 1 year
  • 3rd inspection violation – no longer eligible to be rehabilitator in state
  • If rehabilitator not present for inspection twice, automatic permit suspension
  • Yearly inspection

Report Adopted: Jan 17, 2023 - DNR disapproves


Amends these sections:

  • 406 W-0 #010 Transportation of Aquatic Wildlife
  • 406 W-13 #1300 Definitions
  • 406 W-13 #1315 Purpose
  • 406 W-13 #1316 License Requirements
  • 406 W-13 #1317 Special Provisions

Adopted Mar 13, 2023 - Effective May 1, 2023

WASHINGTON Fox and deer rules

WAC 200-200-100 - Wildlife classified as protected shall not be hunted or fished. - Reclassifies Columbian white-tailed deer from endangered to threatened

WAC 220-610-010 Wildlife classified as endangered species - Reclassifies Columbian white-tailed deer from endangered to threatened AND ADDS Cascade red fox to list

Adopted 1/27/23


  • Adds 1 new species to list and removes 2
  • moves Carolina madtom from threatened to endangered
  • replaces mountain chorus frog with Collinses’ mountain chorus frog
  • updates scientific name of Carolina swamp snake

Adopted 12/8/22 – Approved Rules Review 1/19/23 - Effective 2/1/23