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Sessions: 2 Years (odd-even)

Convenes: Jan (Wed after 1st Mon)

Adjourns: No set date

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Legislative Process

Bill Signing Deadlines

During Session: 10 days except Sun
After Session: 30 days after adj  
Pocket Veto: Yes
New York Constitution Art IV Sec 7

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20th day
New York Statutes LEG Art 3 Sec 43


Public Attacks

Department of Agriculture and Markets

    Division of Animal Industry
    10B Airline Drive

    Albany, NY 12235
   (518) 457-3502       


Department of Environmental Conservation

    Special Licenses Unit
    625 Broadway

    Albany, NY 12233-4752  

Proposed Rules


DEC Permits


 Wild animals: BANS except CFA or TICA registered feline hybrids F4 or later and licensed grandfathered animals, zoological facilities, USDA exhibitors and for profit reptile exhibitors, USDA research facilities, licensed vets, incorporated humane societies, shelters, SPCA, colleges and universities, wildlife rehabilitators, those transported to an exempted place, wildlife sanctuary, traveling through the state less than 10 days, and New World service monkeys for paralyzed individuals. 
(New York Environmental Conservation 11-0103, 11-0512)

 Owners of animals above must notify local clerks of their presence, which are forwarded to police and fireman.  Exempt are pet dealers, zoological parks, and USDA Exhibitors.
(New York General Municipal Art. 10 209-CC) 

 BANS all lions, raccoon dogs, wolfdogs, and animals indistinguishable from wolves or coyotes except for scientific, educational, or exhibitory purposes or grandfathered animals under a Dangerous Wildlife License. (New York Codes Rules & Regs Part 180) 

PERMIT required for any wolf, wolfdog, coyote, coydog, fox, skunk, venomous reptile, raccoon, endangered species, or species in section 11-536 (endangered species).   (New York Environmental Conservation 11-0511)


BANS sale of leopard, snow leopard, clouded leopard, tiger, Asiatic lion, cheetah, mountain lion, jaguar, margay, ocelot, alligator, crocodile, caiman, tortoise (genus Gopherus), marine turtles (families Cheloniidae and Dermochelidae), vicuna, wolf, red wolf, kangaroo, polar bear, Sumatran rhino, and black rhino.  The commissioner may exempt zoological, scientific or educational, and preservation purposes. (New York Env Conservation 11-0536)


 Native wildlife: BANS as pets. There are no restrictions on activities with unprotected wildlife for other purposes except species listed in 11-0511 above.  No permit is required for deer except white-tailed deer.  All game except migratory game birds, beaver, fisher, otter, bobcat, coyote, fox, raccoon, skunk, muskrat and mink, possessed for propagation purposes may be imported and transported without permit. No import permit is required for bobcat, mink, muskrat, fisher, beaver, otter, marten or sable, but they need a permit for sale or possession.  Rabies vector species (raccoons, skunks, red foxes, gray foxes, and bats) require a permit to import or possess.


  • General License to Collect or Possess (scientific collection, propagation, banding, and exhibition)
  • General License to Possess and Sell (scientific, exhibition or propagation)
  • Bird Breeder License (sell and exhibit captive born birds not listed as exempt)
  • Fur Breeder License (possess or propagate furbearers except RVS)
  • Domestic Game Bird Breeder’s License (possess, propagate, and sell captive bred game birds, with Class A for selling and Class B for personal use)
  • Domestic Game Animal Breeder’s License (possess, propagate, and sell captive bred white-tailed deer with Class A for sale and Class B for personal use)
  • Endangered Species License
  • Scientific Permit
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit. 

(New York Env Conservation 11-0515, 11-0917, 11-1701, 11-1705, 11-1728, 11-1901, 11-1907; New York Codes Rules & Regs. Parts 174, 175, 181, 182, 184)


 BANS direct public contact with big cats except for a veterinarian.  (New York Environmental Conservation 11-0538)

 Owners of dangerous wild animals and reptiles must safeguard the public from an attack or face a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail, a $500 fine or both.
(New York Agriculture and Markets 370)

NEW: The Elephant Protection Act bans using elephants in entertainment acts except for AZA institutions and sanctuaries.  Entertainment act includes exhibition, act, circus, trade show, carnival, ride, parade, race, performance or similar used for audience entertainment or amusement.  Violation is civil penalty up to $1000 each.  (S 2098/Chapter 333 – 10/19/17 – Effective in 2 years)