Our legislative work


MISSOURI Large Carnivore Act – Worked with state organizations to successfully kill the bill


FEDERAL Captive Primate Safety Act – Got a hold placed on the bill

FEDERAL Nonnative Invasive Wildlife Prevention Act – Our federal lobbyist hand-delivered a letter of opposition to the subcommittee that was added to the Congressional Record

FEDERAL Injurious Wildlife (constrictor snakes) – Submitted a letter of opposition


CONNECTICUT Primate Ban – Worked with owners and other groups and stayed at the state capitol two weeks to get many amendments made to the bill and eventually caused it to be tabled due to the opposition

TEXAS Dangerous Wild Animal Strict Regulation Bill -  Worked with owners and other groups to meet with legislators on the bill and eventually caused it to be tabled due to the opposition


FEDERAL Captive Primate Safety Act – Was tipped off about this bill possibly being pushed through without a roll call vote and worked swiftly to get a hold put on it. 

FEDERAL Big Cat and Public Safety Act – Set up meeting with legislators

ILLINOIS Dangerous Animals Act – Set up action center for residents and sent out a legislative packet in opposition to the bill

OHIO Ban Bills

  • Set up an action center to send letters to committee members opposing the ban for both bills

  • Assisted hybrid owner with their letters to get domestic hybrid cats removed

  • Provided a list of general points of concern

  • Had representatives attend all hearings and present opponent testimony

  • Met with committee members to give our position

  • Provided post hearing notes after sponsor/proponent hearings for residents to work off of

  • Provided affiliate organization list of Ohio primate incidents for their testimony

  • Compiled permit fees from other states to demonstrate excessive fees in bill

  • Provided estimated timetable for bill once passed

  • Assisted owners in figuring out requirements for new law

OKLAHOMA, PENNSYLVANIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, and TENNESSEE ban bills – Sent out a legislative packet in opposition

VIRGINIA Dangerous Wild Animals Initiative Group – Provided member on panel with information when requested

WEST VIRGINIA Ban Bill – Set up action center to send letters to the Governor to veto the bill


FEDERAL big cat, primate and bear rule – Submitted a comment on the rule change

TEXAS big cat and primate ban (HB 1015 – all primates & SB 1627 – great apes and baboons)

  • Provided a detailed summary

  • Provided spreadsheet showing differences between both bills

  • Sent a Do Not Sponsor alert asking residents to contact their legislators to NOT sponsor the bill

  • Urged residents to schedule meetings with their legislators

  • Wrote a Texas incident analysis relevant to the bill

  • Aligned with Texas veterinarians to provide testimony along with an MD to provide their own testimony

  • Scheduled meetings with several committee members

  • Sent alert to get residents to contact the committee and their representatives

  • Urged residents to start thinking about their testimonies and whether they would attend

  • Sent Texas state representatives to testify

MASSACHUSETTS bill to legalize sugar gliders – Sent out letter to both committee chairs in favor of the bill



FEDERAL – Made a trip to DC to meet with key people on the Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act, and the Big Cat and Public Safety Act and Captive Primate Safety Act


  • Submitted opponent testimony for both the House and Senate committees for the West Virginia ban bill (HB 4393)

  • Posted a Facebook campaign asking West Virginia residents to contact their legislators

  • Prepared and gave residents written testimony to give for the hearing

  • Submitted a letter to the governor to veto the West Virginia ban

  • Provided detailed guide about the new law when it passed

  • Submitted comments on the dangerous wild animals agency rule that followed


  • Submitted opponent testimony for New Hampshire wolf hybrid ban bill, the Maryland bill to limit the USDA exemption, and the Wisconsin ban bill (AB 703)

  • Prepared Illinois residents to take action on their bill

  • Submitted proponent written testimony for the Oregon bill giving exotic animals that failed to get a permit a second chance

  • Submitted 16 pages of facts and statistics opposing the California Fish & Game hybrid cat ban petition


FEDERAL Big Cat, Bear and Primate Contact Rule – Submitted a comment


MAINE legalize hedgehogs – Submitted proponent testimony

MONTANA domestic fox legalization - Submitted proponent testimony