UAPPEAL supports the responsible private ownership of exotic animals. All current and potential exotic animal owners are encouraged to check out the resources we provide.



UAPPEAL unites with other organizations, clubs, groups and individuals that are working on the same legislation so we can be a more united front.   

We have been lobbying on exotic animal legislation since 2003, including testifying at federal and state hearings, meeting with legislators, submitting letters and comments, and more. 

In addition to exotic animal legislation, we provide a list of most non-exotic animal bills (general animal bills).   

Whether you have small animals like rodents, arachnids, and birds or large animals like bears, big cats and marine species or anything in between, we cover them all.   Our legislative reports include animals like exotic hoofstock (when not classified as livestock), herptiles, sugar gliders, degus, domestic hybrid cats and dogs (when not properly classified as domestic), nonhuman primates, fish, procyonids, skunks and more.

When it comes to animal legislative monitoring and notification, UAPPEAL has been rated an “A”.   

Our legislative team spends countless hours monitoring legislation, assisting residents with hearings, submitting testimony, preparing legislative documents and tips and action alerts, and more.



We are comprised of a diverse group that includes pet owners, breeders, educators, exhibitors, rescues and sanctuaries working together on legislation. 

If you are or are interested in being an exotic animal owner, handler, business, facility or organization, consider joining UAPPEAL, where you can meet others and learn how to become citizen lobbyists. Many of our members have owned or worked with non-traditional animals for over 20 years.  




Legislation concerning alternative and exotic animals is constantly changing.  Learn what bill and rules have been introduced for the year.  We also provide a summary of current US state laws and even some other countries.