Mission Statement

Uniting A Politically Proactive Exotic Animal League's mission is to protect the right of responsible exotic and alternative animal owners, handlers, businesses, facilities and organizations by lobbying to prevent unfair regulation, discouraging the casual acquisition of exotic animals through education, and furthering animal welfare through the responsible placement of animals in need.

Uniting A Politically Proactive Exotic Animal League is a 501(c)4 lobbying organization created to further the social welfare of native wildlife and exotic animals in captivity by lobbying to create a balance between animal welfare and protecting and maintaining the rights of responsible individuals, businesses, facilities and organizations.

UAPPEAL supports the ownership, breeding and exhibiting of captive wildlife and exotic animals by those who understand their multi-faceted needs, are educated in their husbandry, and provide proper enrichment and enclosures that support physical and mental health while providing for public safety.

If you are an exotic animal owner, handler, business, facility or organization of native or exotic animals or are interested in becoming or starting one, consider joining UAPPEAL, where you can meet others who own or work with these animals and learn how to become citizen lobbyists. Many of our members have owned or worked with non-traditional animals for over 20 years.

Catherine of Aragon with pet Capuchin Circa 1530
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