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Updated US&State Status (5/13)

Updated Bylaws (5/13) HERE

Updated Captive Primate Safety Act bill numbers (5/1)


Exotic animal incidents are used to pass exotic animal bans.  Don't let your animals become a statistic.  Keep all animals not considered domestic away from people (if not exhibiting) and have secondary containment systems for larger species as you never know the intent of another person. People have been known to climb into enclosures, reach into feeding holes, stick their hands through fences, and approach animals in public to touch them.  


Our vision is an exotic animal community that is knowledgeable and responsible with their animals, efficient in lobbying, understood and respected by the public, and works together to further improve the community.


Be sure to check for federal, state, county, township, and city laws BEFORE getting an animal.   All it takes is one disgruntled neighbor to have your animal seized.

What we do

At the federal level, the opinions and information provided by a national organization such as ours is highly valued and respected since federal bills usually affect everyone.  Therefore, for federal bills UAPPEAL represents all our supporters by working with our federal lobbyist to present information to federal legislators and help us appoint a witness to speak at federal hearings on our behalf.

On the state level, the legislators only want to hear from those that are actually residents in the state. You, as a resident of your state, are the ones a bill directly affects, and you are the ones that the legislators have to answer to since you elected them. Therefore, when it comes to state legislation, UAPPEAL works with residents on various groups to prepare them and train them on how to represent themselves. When hearings and meetings are conducted, UAPPEAL will appoint a resident to hand our legislative packets to legislators and give testimony on our behalf.

However, just because UAPPEAL leaves it to the residents to take charge when it comes to state legislation does not mean we are not actively involved in working on state legislation.  Work for the next legislative session usually begins around June when many of the state sessions have ended for the year. It includes preparing various documents to use, reporting upcoming prefiling dates and states prefiling along with any relevant bills found, and session reports detailing when sessions begin and end the next year.  After sessions start, a detailed bill list and summary, state status, upcoming hearings notices, and bill updates are provided on a regular basis. 



May 5 – MS adjourns
May 8 – CO/CT adjourn
May 9 – AR adjourns unless extended
May 14-15 – WI veto session

Exotic Animal Laws Passed in 2023

3rd RELEASE(Jan)

New General Animal Laws 2023

4th RELEASE (Jan)


To protect the right of responsible exotic and alternative animal owners, handlers, businesses,facilities and organizations by lobbying to prevent unfair regulation, discouraging the casual acquisition of exotic animals through education, and furthering animal welfare through the responsible placement of animals in need.

                        HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED?

  • Keep track of federal, state, and local legislation
  • Write letters of opposition to your legislators
  • Attend committee hearings for state bills
  • Submit written comments of opposition to proposed agency rules
  • Attend public hearings for proposed agency rules
  • Call legislators or agencies when advised