NORTH CAROLINA   HB 577  Limit Ownership of Certain Animals.

Species: Nonnative bears, Panthera cats, great apes (chimpanzee, orangutan, gorilla)

Sector: All except following are exempt from ban only:

  • USDA
  • Research
  • Wildlife sanctuary (refuge with NO commercial activity, entertainment or traveling exhibits, breeding of such animals)
  • Incorporated nonprofit animal protection organization (temporary)
  • Veterinary hospital, clinic, practices, veterinarians, employees
  • Law enforcement
  • Circus (no in state facility)
  • Temporary transport through state less than 24 hours if not exhibited
  • AAALACMotion picture/ television

Type: Ban – Import, Possess, Breed, Sale, Purchase

Description:  Bans import, possession, keeping, purchasing, having custody of, breeding or selling big cats, bears and great apes except those exempt and grandfathered animals 6/1/19

Status: Passed House w amendment A1 & A2 5/2  – Senate 1st reading - Rules and Operations of the Senate

A1 removes authority of county residents to file civil action against owner.  A2 requires the Requires Joint Oversight Committee to study the entities exempt in bill and what safety requirements and regulations exist, procedures to review any incidents, whether liability insurance is required, and whether additional statutes or regulations are necessary to protect from human death or injury – Report due 4/1/20.



MICHIGAN HB 4594 Crimes; animals; ownership, possession, breeding, sale, and importing of nonhuman primates; prohibit with certain exceptions and provide penalty.

Species: Nonhuman primates

Sector: All except AZA, AAALAC, GFAS or ASA sanctuary, USDA, law enforcement, veterinarian, permitting agency, animal control, grandfathered animal owners

Type: Ban – Possess, Own, Transfer, Breed, Import


  • Bans owning and possessing nonhuman primates
  • Bans transferring ownership except to exempt entity other than grandfathered owner
  • Bans breeding except AZA or AAALAC
  • Bans import unless state agency gives prior authorization and primate given permanent IDPenalty is misdemeanor of 1) removal of primate AND up to 93 days imprisonment, 500 hours of community service and/or $500-1000 fine

Status: 1st reading - Agriculture

CALIFORNIA SB 313 Animals: prohibition on use in circuses

Species: ALL except domestic cats, domestic dogs and domestic horses

Sector: Circuses except rodeo

Type: Ban - Circus

Description:  Bans using any animal other than a domestic dog or cat or horse in circuses

Status: Passed Senate as amended 5/20 - House 1st reading -Passed Water, Parks and Wildlife as amended 6/18 – Passed Judiciary 6/25 - Passed Appropriations 8/30

Second Reading Calendar:

When: Tues, Sep 3

Entire House

This bill was amended on March 21 to limit it to just circuses.  Then it was amended March 28 to limit circuses to having just domestic cats and dogs and horses.  On April 23, text was changed to specifying that it a ban on circuses in the state and that the $25k civil penalty is per day.  June amendment specifies that only DOMESTIC horses are exempt and refers to definition of rodeo