ARKANSAS                       Agency Rule R1.02, R1.03, F1.03   

Captive Wildlife


New Permitted:

  • Grévy's, plains, and mountains zebra, water buffalo, addax, brindled gnu, gaur, Gerenuk, Himalayan tahr goat, impala
  • tamarins, black-tufted marmoset, Geoffroy's marmoset

New Prohibited:

  • Capybara
  • Nilgai, aoudad sheep, oryx, kudu, lechwe, ibex, hippo, warthog, rhino
  • jaguar, leopard, snow leopard

Sector: All

Type: Positive – Legalizes species; Ban – Possess, Sell, Breed


  • Adds several species to the permitted wildlife list that are legal to possess and breed with a permit
  • Adds several species to the prohibited list that may not be possessed, bred or sold except those on 11/21/19
  • Adds all new prohibited species except oryx to list of animals that wildlife breeder/dealer permits can only sell to other permit holders or out-of-state
  • Brindled gnu must test negative for Alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 to be imported

StatusComments due 10/16/19 – Discussion hearing on 10/17



NEW YORK                     Agency Rule 6 NYCRR Part 180.1

Animals dangerous to health or welfare.

Species: Dangerous Animals =

  • bears
  • nondomestic dogs and raccoon dogs except fennec fox
  • nondomestic cats except TICA and CFA hybrids
  • Crocodilians;
  • Asiatic, Nile, white-throat, black-throat, and crocodile monitors;
  • Komodo dragon;
  • green, yellow, Beni, and DeSchauensee's anaconda;
  • Amethystine, Indian, Burmese, reticulated, Northern and Southern African pythons;
  • Elapidae, Viperidae, Attractaspis, Homoroselaps;
  • natal black snake; Montpellier snake; boomslang; twig snake; tiger keelback; red-necked keelback;
  • Lichtenstein’s racer; Patagonian racer;
  • beaded lizard; Gila monster
  • North American badger, skunk, wolverine
  • raccoon
  • all primates
  • rhino
  • bats

Sector: All except:

  • Scientific research
  • Rehab of bobcat, American black bear, coyote, gray and red fox, native bats, raccoon, striped skunk, massasauga, Northern copperhead and timber rattlesnake
  • Grandfathered pets 11-0512
  • Furbearer propagation permit
  • Nuisance wildlife control
  • Destructive or menacing wildlife
  • Agricultural pursuit of domestic ranch fox
  • Veterinarian or SPCA
  • USDA research facilitiesAssurance from National Institute of Health for non-mammals

Type: Ban – Possess, Import, Sale Transport, etc.

Description:  Adds new species to the dangerous list by banning import, transport, possess, purchase and sale except for license issued for scientific, educational, exhibition, zoological or propagation purposes that must be renewed annually

StatusComments due 11/10/19