Amy Flory

Sector: Former exotic pet owner

Species: Skunk

Exotic Animal Experience: 5 years

Education: BS in Accounting, Associate of Science



Michelle smith

Sector: Pet Owner, Breeder, Exhibitor, Past Pet Store Owner

Species: Primate, marsupial, hoofstock, rodent, procyonid, sloth

Exotic Animal Experience: 20+ years

Occupation: RN Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, owner Mini S Exotic Zoo, LLC

Eileen carrion

Sector: Pet owner, Former sanctuary volunteer

Species: Monkey

Exotic Animal Experience: 18+ years

Occupation: Owner of Indigo Republic Boutique


    We are just like you.  We are pet owners that are fighting to protect our animals from dangerous legislation.  We are future pet owners that are fighting to keep that dream a possibility.  We are breeders that are fighting to continue to fulfill that dream.  We are educators that are fighting to be able to teach the next generation about the animals we care about.  We are exhibitors that are fighting to be able to share our animals with others.  We are former pet store owners that fought to provide the supplies that your animals need. 

  Together we work for the entire exotic animal community to address the many pieces of exotic legislation that are introduced each year.  

Check out Our United Front  to find out more about our legislative and other work for the exotic animal community.

Cindy livingston

Sector: Pet Owner, Breeder, Educator, Exhibitor, Past Pet Store Owner

Species: Primate, fox, marsupial, porcupine, hoofstock

Exotic Animal Experience: 20+ years

Occupation: Special Education Teacher; Owner of Livingston Exotics, LLC

Education: BS of Animal Science