VIRGINIA 2023–2024 Wildlife Regulation Cycle

Taking suggestions for changes to wildlife rules

Public Change Suggestions Due: Dec 2, 2022

Update Meeting: Jan 18-19, 2023

Rule Introduction: Mar 15-16, 2023 @ TBD

Comments Due: Mar 27 to May 10, 2023

Adoption Meeting: May 24-25, 2023


FLORIDA (FWC) rule 68A-9.006 Wildlife rehabilitation


Public Hearing: Jan 3, 2023

Meeting: Feb 2023 - no actual rule to be introduced yet

temporary results

CALIFORNIA Wildlife Resources Rehabilitation rule

Rehabilitation rule change

Status: Received at May 2022 meeting, Meeting Sep 15, 2022

Committee Action Meeting: Jan 12, 2023 - Approved by committee to move forward with rule changes – Commission action timeline TBD

Proposed changes including:

  • Temporary confinement
  • BAN picking up wildlife in oil/toxic spill
  • Define wildlife rehab facility and approval process
  • Operating facility proceduresUpdate care standards

CALIFORNIA Wildlife Resources AZA/ZAA rule

Received at May 2022 meeting

Committee Meeting: Not scheduled for Jan or May 2023

KEntucky agency rule 301 KAR 1:125 Transportation of fish.

Allows department to deny transportation permit for fish determined potentially damaging to native ecosystems

Meeting:Dec 2, 2022

Approval Meeting: Mar 3, 2023@ 8:30 am
                                #1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort

INDIANA DNR Citizen Petition #22-FW-025 Wild Animal Rehabilitation Permit

  • Requires random unannounced inspections from May – July
  • 1st failure – 10 days to correct deficiencies or permit suspended until fixed
  • 2nd violation – permit revoked 1 year
  • 3rd inspection violation – no longer eligible to be rehabilitator in state
  • If rehabilitator not present for inspection twice, automatic permit suspensionYearly inspection

Meeting: Jan 17, 2023 - DNR disapproves - unknown action


Rules 257.5, 475, 676, 712,

Introduction Meeting: Apr 2023

Discussion Meeting: Jun 2023

Action Meeting: Aug 2023

HAWAII Agriculture Petition Ch 4-71 Restricted Animals

Reclassifies mysid shrimp from Restricted Part A to Restricted Part B to allow as live feed for seahorses

Preliminary Meeting: Jan 31, 2023

Meeting: Feb 28, 2023 @ 9 am

                Plant Quarantine Branch, 1849 Auiki Street Honolulu

CALIFORNIA Wildlife Resources Restricted SPecies Rule Review

Reviewing restricted Species Rules

Status: Meeting Sep 15, 2022 - Removed from agenda

Committee Discussion Meeting: Jan, 2023 - not on agenda

KANSAS carp AND rusty crayfish Rules

Workshop: Nov 17, 2022

Agency Rule 115-7-10 Fishing, special provisions - ADDS ANS water, updates Asian carp species 

Agency Rule 115-18-10 Importation and possession of certain wildlife; prohibition, permit requirement, and restrictions. - ADDS rusty crayfish to prohibited

Workshop: Jan 12, 2023

Workshop: Mar 9, 2023 @ 12pm
                    Ramada Hotel and Convention Center
                    Grand Ballroom420 SE 6th St, Topeka

ALAbama 220-2-.168 rule change

Increases fees of commercial permits

Hearing: Jun 27, 2022 
Comments: Jul 5, 2022  

Meeting: Mar 11, 2023 @ 9 am

                 Ralph D. Abernathy Hall Annex Auditorium, 

                 Alabama State University, Montgomery, AL 36104

KEntucky agency rule 301 KAR 1:122 Prohibited aquatics

  • Allow goldfish as bait, release of caught prohibited aquatics during angling, possession, transport and sale of dead Asian carp to fish processing facility if not transported in water
  • Limit transport and sale of tilapia to another propagator, live fish and bait dealer or entity selling fish as food
  • BANS possession of Asian carp

Introduced: Aug 26, 2022
Dec 2, 2022

Approval Meeting: Mar 3, 2023@ 8:30 am

                                #1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort

MINNESOTA RULE 6216.0250 prohibited invasive species

Adds new fish, mollusks and crustaceans to the prohibited invasive species list

Comments due: Dec 9, 2022

New prohibited species:

  • US injurious fish, mollusks, crustaceans
  • Eastern mosquitofish
  • tench
  • tubenose goby (Proterorhinus)
  • golden clam
  • golden mussel
  • jumping worms
  • marbled crayfish

COLORADO Annual rule review - chapter W-11

Entire wildlife parks chapter up for review

Meeting: Mar 2023 - not on rules list

CALIFORNIA Wildlife Resources Committee Bullfrogs/turtles

Bullfrogs and Non-native Turtles Stakeholder Plan Update to be given

Status: Committee Meeting Jan 13, May 19 and Sep 15, 2022 and Jan 12, 2023

Committee Discussion & Action Meeting: May 2023 @ TBD

Came up with strategies regarding non-native turtles/bullfrogs including:

  • Raise import permit prices
  • Education, grants, research
  • Encourage bullfrog collection for food instead live markets
  • Promote bullfrog use as bait
  • Live Markets:
    • Ban sale of live bullfrogs
    • Point of sale inspections
    • Domestic bullfrog aquaculture
    • Sampling animals for disease
  • Promote rescue/rehome programs
  • Frog Jumping Contests:
    • Kill all bullfrogs not kept after jumping contest
    • Ban frog jumping contests
    • encourage use of other species
    • deploy measures to prevent escapes
  • Regulatory Changes:
    • Encourage municipal laws to protect against them and manage water features
    • Ban all bullfrog imports
    • Allow commercial harvest
    • Add bullfrogs and non-native turtles to restricted species list
    • Require water treatment
  • Enforcement Changes:
    • Inspect shipments to make sure lawfully obtained
    • Spot testing and inspection to stop illegal shipments

CALIFORNIA Wildlife Resources falconry Rule Review

Reviewing falconry rules

Status: Received by committee at May 2022 meeting

Committee Meeting: Not scheduled Jan or May 2023 meetings per Jan 2023 committee plan

PA Game COmmission rule 147.282 Safety (Menageries)

Revises removal from cage and public contact for menageries:

  • Classifies ruminant animals as Category 1 Wildlife and allows removal from cages and direct exposure to public including contact without restriction
  • Classifies Category 2 wildlife as wildlife not listed elsewhere and allows removal from cage or enclosure and direct exposure to public including public contact if under immediate control of handler (was organ grinder monkey, performing chimp and elephant)
  • Classifies Category 3 wildlife as families Ursidae, Felidae, and Canidae and bans previously allowed option of removing from cage (leaves public contact ban)

Meeting: Jan 28, 2023 - action unknown

NEVADA Commission Reg. 506 GOLDEN EAGLES

Revises rules regarding golden eagles in falconry and rehabilitation

Workshop: Nov 4, 2022

Workshop: Mar 10, 2023@ 9 am
                   Clark County Government Center
                   500 S. Grand Central Parkway,6th Floor, Las Vegas, NV 89155

  • Allows golden eagles including wild take by resident master falconer with eagle permit, hunting license, and rehabilitation license (if applicable)
  • Allows golden eagles by nonresident master falconer with nonresident hunting license and written permission – must apply for NV master falconer license and eagle permit in 60 days if moving to state
  • Adds requirements for eagle permit
  • Eagles must be in good condition
  • Rehabilitated golden eagles must be released in 2 years – may be granted additional time

PA Game COmmission rule 141.67 Furbearer seasons.

Adds raptors under falconry to equipment that can be used to take furbearers during open season

Meeting: Jan 28, 2023 - action unknown



Increases allowed acreage of the NX Bar Ranch to 26,000 acres to account for their newly acquired land

Public Hearing: Jan 24, 2023 - action unknown

State Agency Meetings


Amends these sections:

  • 406 W-0 #010 Transportation of Aquatic Wildlife
  • 406 W-13 #1300 Definitions
  • 406 W-13 #1315 Purpose
  • 406 W-13 #1316 License Requirements
  • 406 W-13 #1317 Special Provisions

Annual Review Initiated: Jan 2022 meeting

Adoption Meeting: Mar 13, 2023 

Effective Date Expected: 5/1/23

KEntucky agency rule 301 KAR 1:115 propagation aquatic

Allows department to deny propagating permit for aquatic organisms determined potentially damaging to native ecosystems

Introduced: Aug 26, 2022

Meeting:Dec 2, 2022

Approval Meeting: Mar 3, 2023@ 8:30 am
#1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort

WAshington Fox and deer rules

WAC 200-200-100 - Wildlife classified as protected shall not be hunted or fished. - Reclassifies Columbian white-tailed deer from endangered to threatened

WAC 220-610-010 Wildlife classified as endangered species - Reclassifies Columbian white-tailed deer from endangered to threatened AND ADDS Cascade red fox to list

Meeting: Jan 28, 2023 - action unknown