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Convenes: Jan (3rd Tuesday)

Adjourns: 90 calendar days

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Legislative Process

Bill Signing Deadlines

During Session: 15 days except Sun
After Session: 20 days except Sun
Pocket Veto: No
Alaska Constitution Art 2 Sec 17

Bill Effective Date

90 days
Alaska Constitution Art 2 Sec 18


5 Alaska Admin Code 92.030. Permit for possessing live game

Live game and hybrids: BANNED as pets – wolves and wolf dogs legal with permit along with feline hybrids 4 generations or more removed (5 Alaska Admin Code 92.030)

Exempt from Live Game:

Common Name                                         Scientific Name

Dog                                                               Canis familiaris
Cat                                                                 Felis catus
Sheep                                                           Ovis aries
Goat                                                               Capra hircus
Cattle                                                             Bos taurus
Oxen                                                               Bos spp.
Horse                                                             Equus caballus
Guinea pig                                                    Cavia porcellus
Reindeer (except feral reindeer)               Rangifer tarandus Var.
Llama                                                             Lama peruana
Alpaca                                                             Lama pacos
One-humped camel                                     Camelus dromedarius
Ass                                                                   Equus asinus Var.
Mule                                                                 Equus asinus x caballus
Swine                                                               Sus scrofa Var.
European ferret                                              Mustela putorius furo
European rabbit                                             Oryctolagus cuniculus Var.
White rat                                                          Rattus norvegicus Var. albinus
Mice: white, waltzing, singing,                     Mus musculus Var.
shaker, piebald
Fat-tailed gerbil                                               Pachyuromys duprasi
Gerbil                                                                Gerbillus spp.
Hamster (golden)                                           Mesocricetus auratus
Chinchilla                                                         Chinchilla laniger
Cavy                                                                   Cavia aperea
Hedgehog, African Pygmy                             Erinaceus albiventris
Chicken                                                             Gallus gallus Var.
Pigeon                                                               Columia livia Var.
Any Turkey species                                         Subfamily Meleagridinae
Any Pheasant, Junglefowl or                         Subfamily Phasianinae
Coturnix species
Any Guineafowl species                                 Subfamily Numidinae
Canary                                                                Serinus canaria Var.
Parrot, parakeet, cockatiel,                             Family Psittacidae
macaw, and other members of
the Family Psittacidae not
prohibited by federal or
international law

Toucan                                                                 Family Ramphastidae
Any New World Quail species                        Subfamily Odontophorinae
(including Bobwhite)
Mynah                                                                   Acridotheres spp.
Any Peafowl species                                         Pavo spp.

Any duck, goose, swan, or other
migratory waterfowl which the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
determines does not require a
federal permit for private ownership

Chukar partridge                                                  Alectoris chukar
Button "quail"                                                        Family Turnicidae in the order Gruiformes
Any nonvenomous reptile                                  Class Reptilia
(crocodile, alligator, snake, turtle, or lizard)
Members of the bird families
Fringillidae, Turdidae, Zosteripidae,
Pycnonotidae, Timaliidae, and
Ploceidae of non- Holarctic origin.

Members of the bird families
Columbidae and Trogonidae of
non- nearctic origin.

Elk (except feral and wild elk)                             (Cervus elaphus)
Bison (except feral and wild bison)                   (Bison bison)
Muskoxen                                                               (Ovibos moschatus)
    (except feral and wild muskoxen)

5 Alaska Admin Code 92.035. Permit for temporary commercial use of live game

PERMITS issued for temporary commercial use of exotic game for circuses, traveling animal shows, film productions, or similar purposes for a maximum of 120 days with a $500 surety deposit which is forfeited if animals are not removed after expiration date. (5 Alaska Admin Code 92.029, 92.035)

5 AAC 92.033. Permit for scientific, educational, propagative, or public safety purposes

PERMIT issued to possess, export or import game for Scientific, Educational, Propagation or Public Safety purposes.



Alaska Statutes 16.05.921. Venomous reptiles and insects or their eggs; prohibited conduct; permits.    

Venomous reptiles and insects: BANNED except educational purposes under permit. 


Alaska Statutes Sec. 16.40.060. Elephant permit.

 Elephants: Issues Elephant Permit to possess, import and export elephants for commercial exhibition.

5 Alaska Admin Code 92.028. Aviculture permits

Birds: Keeping certain birds in captivity requires an Aviculture Permit .  

Aviculture Permit Species:

Order Galliformes:
(A) family Megapodiidae
(B) family Cracidae 
(C) family Phasianidaes
          (i) genus Alectoris (Partridge except Chukar partridge)
          (ii) genus Francolinus 
         (iii) Sand-partridge
         (iv) Capercaille

5 Alaska Admin Code 92.037. Permits for falconry

Falconry permits are issued.



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