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Arkansas Constitution Art 6 Sec 14

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NEW: Effective 6/21/18 for 120 days - Temporary Suspension of Wildlife Importation and Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permits for Venomous or Poisonous Species


Game and Fish Commission
  Wildlife Management Division

       2 Natural Resources Drive
       Little Rock, AR 72205
       (501) 223-6359  

Meets: Monthly (4th Thu) 

Next Meeting: Jul 19


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Commercial Licenses


20 AR Code Ch.19, Subch.5 Ownership and Possession of Certain Large Carnivores

BANS large carnivores (tigers, African lions, hybrids, and bears) after August 12, 2005 except those listed as exempt.  Large carnivores require $100,000 liability insurance and signs at entrances.  FACT SHEET

Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.13 Mountain Lion Permit Required

BANS cougars except AZA or under a current breeder/dealer permit or mountain lion permit.  Mountain lion permits are for those that possessed wildlife breeder/dealer permits for them prior to 9/30/07. 

20 Arkansas Code Ch.19, Sub. 6 Nonhuman Primates

BANS the future breeding and acquisition of apes, baboons, and macaques along with commercial primate facilities except for AZA, ZAA, research, wildlife sanctuaries, temporary holding facilities, vets, circuses and those transporting one through the state within 10 days who notify the department.  All primates, including all other species, owned on the effective date must be registered and microchipped within 180 days.  All primate species not banned must be registered within 30 days of acquisition. (20 Arkansas Code Ch 19 Subch. 6, 4/18/2013)


20 Arkansas Code Ch. 19, Subch.4 Ownership and Breeding of Wolves and Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Wolf Hybrids: Owners must maintain records, meet care and caging rules,  have wolf dog vaccinated against rabies and must have CVI for import.

Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.02 Possession of Non-Native Wildlife in Captivity Restricted

 Other Exotics: Allowed as pets if legally obtained with vet documentation they are free from diseases, kept in humane conditions, and kept in enclosures sufficient to prevent escape and protect against injury.

2-32-101. Alternate livestock.


Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.14 Native Wildlife Pets Restricted

 Native wildlife kept as pets:

Wild: 6 hand wild-caught of each of the following to be kept as pets: coyotes, gray foxes, red foxes, opossums, rabbits, raccoons and squirrels or native nongame wildlife with exceptions. 

Captive: Allows 6 each of captive born listed species as pets from a breeder/dealer permittee or imported and may only be sold under such permit. 

Captive Cervids: BANS wild caught white-tailed deer as pets except up to 6 captured before 6/30/2012 that are not sold or distributed or removed from the state unless moving out-of-state.  Males and females must be separated or males neutered.   BANS captive born white-tailed deer and elk as pets after 6/30/05 and required registration by 6/30/08.
BANS breeding, purchasing or selling captive-born cervids except with Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permit issued before the ban that are sold to permit holders or out-of-state.  

Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.16 Live Fox/Coyote Permit Required

Need Live Fox and Coyote Permit for sales of red and grey foxes and coyotes.

Captive Wildlife Summary

Captive Wildlife

Vet Care of Wildlife


Arkansas Game & Fish Code Section 9.07 Wildlife Breeder/Dealer Permit Required

Breeding/Selling Wildlife and Exotics:  Requires wildlife breeder/dealer permits except for bullfrogs, aquatic turtles and alligators; all red foxes, grey foxes and coyotes sold under a Live Fox and Coyote Permit; AZA facilities; and federal raptor permit holders.

NEW: Cervids may not be moved out of a wildlife breeder/dealer facility with written notice that CWD was positively found at a facility within 25 miles. (8/3/17)

Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.12 Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit Required

Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit required to possess and take sick, injured, orphaned or impaired native wildlife from the wild except for migratory birds under federal permit. 

Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.15 Falconry Permit Required

Issues Falconry Permit to possess, take or transport raptors or to use them for taking game. 


Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.10 Wildlife Importation Permit Required

A Wildlife Importation Permit is required by Fish & Game to import wildlife even if just transporting through the state.  Exceptions are certain aquatic wildlife, AZA, falconers complying with ALPC rules, USDA exhibitors temporarily in the state, wildlife exempt from captive wildlife rules, and up to 6 pet box turtles.  

Arkansas Game & Fish Code 9.11 Importation of Certain Living Wildlife Prohibited

Game & Fish BANS import of cervids, raccoons, bats, skunks, coyotes and gray and red foxes from certain states, rodents captured in the wild of certain states, box turtles, waterfowl, large carnivores, cougars, federal injurious species, apes, baboons, and macaques with certain exceptions. 

General Import:  

Fish and Game: Requires a Wildlife Importation Permit and veterinary certificate for any wildlife except for buffalo, emu, Muscovy duck, ferret, hamster, guinea pig, ringneck dove, gerbil, white mice and rats, wolf dogs, and box turtles (up to 6 pets).  BANS import of all other Terrapene turtles, cervids, raccoons, bats, skunks, coyotes, gray and red, wild-caught rodents, African lion, tiger, bear, mountain lion, waterfowl, Injurious Wildlife except circus, USDA exhibitors, falconers, bird dog field trials, and certain fish and turtles.

Livestock and Poultry: Requires Entry Permit and Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for all zoo, furbearing, wild and exotic animals, ratites, camels, cervids, and other birds except poultry. Ratites must test negative for avian influenza within 30 days and have permanent ID.  Camelids need certificate within 30 days and ID.  Exotic ruminants need negative TB and brucellosis within 30 days. 




Import & Exhibit:

Livestock & Poultry Commission

    1 Natural Resources Dr.
    Little Rock, AR 72205               
    (501) 907-2400

Meets: Monthly

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