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Special Wildlife Licenses



Colorado General Assembly

  Colorado State Capitol
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Sessions: 2 year (odd-even)

Convenes: Jan (2nd Wed)

Adjourns: 120 calendar days

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During Session: 10 days excl Sun
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Colorado Constitution Art IV Sec 11

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Colorado Constitution Art V Sec 19


Only animals listed as exempt or domestic may be kept as pets. Citizens may petition for a change in listing for a species.  NEW 5/12/16 CO Parks & Wildlife adopted new requirements for citizen petitions to change the status of a species


  • Commercial Wildlife Park License (private parks and commercial purposes)
    • Wildlife Exhibitors Park (AZA or facilities before 1/1/2006)
      • Requires $500,000 insurance for exhibiting outside cage and an annual lesson plan for educators
    •  Wildlife Producers Park (selling, propagating, brokering and transporting wildlife)
    • Zoological Park Licenses (public non AZA facilities – must document profit motive)

  • Non-Commercial Wildlife Park License (birds along with exotic mammals prior to January 1, 1983 and offspring)

  • Wildlife Sanctuary License (AZA and GFAS sanctuaries or 501(c)3 sanctuaries prior to January 1, 2001).  Non AZA wildlife sanctuaries may move their facility within Colorado without being AZA if impacted by an act of nature and may accept wildlife (limit 1 per year) taken from the wild of other states if the other state determines it is non-releasable and has been captive for no less than 24 months unless director approves exception.  

Exemptions: Fully exempt are the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Denver Zoo, Landry’s Downtown Aquarium, and Pueblo Zoo.  Scientific collecting license and USDA carnivals and animal acts are exempt from general requirements except for 007-009 (terrestrial wildlife) and 011-013 (aquatic wildlife).

(Colorado Statutes 33-4-102 (13), (14); 2 Colorado Code of Regs 406-1102, 406-1104)

 Felines, canines and bears may NOT be held under a non-commercial wildlife park license, and must have a contingency plan in case the facility no longer exists or loses its license along with funds. 
(2 Colorado Code of Regs. 406-1102) 

Venomous snakes may only be held under a commercial wildlife park license


The state created an advisory group to study feline and canine hybrids. (Colorado Statutes 35-81)


LEGAL REPTILES - Common snapping turtles and 4 each (12 total) of: Plains spadefoot, Woodhouse’s toad, Boreal chorus frog, painted turtle, Ornate box turtle, common sagebrush lizard, Ornate tree lizard, common side-blotched lizard, prairie lizard, plateau fence lizard, gophersnake, terrestrial gartersnake, plains gartersnake, common lesser earless lizard, tiger whiptail, North American racer, plains hog-nosed snake. (2 Colorado Code of Regs 406-0 Art I)


 BANS certain species listed as Terrestrial Wildlife, including primates. (2 Colorado Code 406-0 Art VI)



Colorado Revised Statutes                       Colorado Code of Regulations