Dangerous wild animals: CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION required from an animal registration agency except government agencies, USDA research facilities, AZA, injured or orphaned animal transported for care, transient circus in the state for less than 30 days, TV or motion picture company while filming, college or university mascot, animals transported through the state, USDA Class A or B dealer supplying primates to biomedical research facility, and part of an AZA SSP.  Requires $100,000 liability insurance per occurrence of property damage or human injury, veterinary care log, and caging requirements in Section 169.131. 

(Texas Health Code Ch. 822, Subch E; 25 Texas Admin Code Part 1, Ch. 169, Subch G; 31Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 55, Subch. I)

NEW Care of animals by zoos, circuses and carnivals was repealed

NEW: Animal registration agency COR must now include: issuance date, number, $20 filing fee notice, department's address, name/address/phone number of owner, name/address of animal registration agency, species/sex/age/color/distinguishing marks, address where animal kept, expiration date, notice of it being non-transferrable and needing to be displayed at address where kept, and signature of person at agency.  Also makes changes to caging standards.  (7/21/17)


 Exotic venomous snakes, African rock pythons, Asiatic rock pythons, green anacondas, reticulated pythons, and Southern African pythons require a Controlled Exotic Snake Permit (divided into recreational and commercial), and sales receipts count as temporary 21 day permits.  Commercial permits require daily records. Exempt from snake permit are state and county officials, licensed zoo, USDA research facility, or those assisting the department. 

(5A Texas Wildlife and Parks Code Ch. 43, Subch. V; 31 Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 55, Subch J)

Exotic fowl must be confined in cage, pen or other structure to separate them from infected or exposed fowl and wild birds. (Rule, 6/3/2014)


Possession of alligators requires a permit (5B Texas Wildlife and Parks Code Ch. 65)

Protected wildlife (any animals regulated by code): PERMIT required, which are for scientific research, educational display, zoological collection or rehabilitation (5A Texas Wildlife and Parks Code Ch. 43, Subch. C).

  •  Rehabilitation permit (31 Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 69, Subch C) 

  •  Scientific, educational, and zoological permits (do not authorize propagation of wildlife for educational displays or sales) 

  •  Zoological collection permits (AZA or those with letters of recommendation of current permit holders and who have more than 5 animals incapable of surviving in the wild). 

  • Educational display permits (educational institutions, government entities, or nonprofit educational organizations – must meet facility standards in 69.305 if not AZA) (31Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 69, Subch. J)

 Other Native Permits:

  • Endangered Species Propagation Permit (propagation – mammals and turtles require permanent ID) (31Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 65, Subch. G)

  • Game Breeders License (selling or propagating pronghorn antelope, peccary, or red or gray squirrel)

  •  Deer Breeder Permit (possession of white-tailed or mule deer)

  •  Fur-bearing Animal Propagation Permit (possess or sale furbearers which may be wild caught – BANS as pets and limits sales to furbearer, Scientific, Educational, or Zoological Permit holders.  Offspring may stay with their parents for 120 days.)

  • Nongame Dealer Permit (sell nongame to everyone, import, export)

  • Nongame Permit (sell nongame to other permittees)

  • Protected Nongame Sales Permit (sale of protect nongame including coatimundi)

(5A Texas Wildlife and Parks Code Ch. 43, Subch. L & Ch. 44-45; 31 Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 65, Subch T).
Nongame: BANS wolves except state and county officials or licensed circus, zoo, or menagerie for exhibition or scientific purposes.  BANS selling armadillos except for zoos, educational institutions, medical or research facilities, and commercial dealers selling to the previous mentioned groups.  Completely BANS bats. Nongame Dealer and Nongame Permit holders may collect white list species from the wild.  Up to 6
black list species or up to 25 white list species may be kept for personal possession without a permit. Species excluded from this rule are coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, rabbits, American bison, diamondback terrapins, and threatened species. Only captive bred coatimundi may be possessed. (5A Texas Wildlife and Parks Code Ch. 63; 31Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 65, Subch. O & Ch. 69, Subch. J)


Dogs, coyotes, and hybrids known to annoy or kill livestock or other animals may not run at large, and any dog, coyote, or hybrid that is attacking, has attacked or is about to attack livestock or domestic animals may be killed by a witness or the other animal’s owner. Rules can be found here.

(Texas Health Code Ch. 822, Subch B)


Retail stores that sell reptiles must post signs that state CDC guidelines for reducing Salmonellosis (25 Texas Admin. Code Part 1, Ch. 169, Subch. F).  NEW Stores must now have a special notice regarding Salmonella. 

BANS importing, exporting, selling or transporting foxes, coyotes or raccoons under
Rabies Quarantine.


Importation of furbearers requires a permit, and foxes, raccoons, and skunks require a letter of authorization.  (31Texas Admin Code Part 2, Ch. 65, Subch. Q)


Texas Statutes                            Texas Administrative Code


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